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Zero Emission Power

H₂ and O₂ gas fuel from a wide range of pressure, purity and sources.

Power for 250kW to 1MW for static and transport applications.

Diesel engine replacement is a key decarbonisation strategy.

Passenger and freight rail, marine, heavy haulage and static power generators currently depend on diesel fuel.

Net zero targets require global replacement of diesel engines Steamology power turbines deliver diesel engine alternatives with Lifecycle, cost and footprint advantages over conventional H₂ fuel cells and battery technology.

Drop in diesel engine replacement power for 250kW to 1MW for transport and static applications


Steam generators coupled to a turbine deliver:

  • Electrical, mechanical or hydraulic power

  • High power and torque

  • Compact footprint

  • Rapid response

  • Long life

  • Low maintenance

  • Quiet power

  • Cost effective

  • Consistent performance in wide range of ambient temperatures (-10°C to >40°C)

Multiple ~100kW steam generators can be packaged for scalable and modular applications

Steam generators are compact, reliable, and zero emission.

The only product of combustion is water.

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